Carcharhinus borneensis

Borneo shark CCX
Characteristic features:

Dorsal surface slate-grey grading to white below. Demarcation of light and dark areas strong on head strong. Second dorsal fin anterior margin narrowly dark edged, posterior margin pale; caudal fin anterior margin narrowly black-edged; pelvic fins whitish.


Maximum size up to 62 cm TL; birth size ~24–27 cm TL.


This species has a restricted range off northwestern Borneo, in tropical waters. Also reported from the philippines and Java, however are unconfirmed.


Males become mature at ~54 cm TL. Reproductive mode is viviparous, with litter sizes of 6 being observed.

Similar species:

Carcharhinus macloti
Hardnose shark

Carcharhinus macloti

Carcharhinus macloti differs in having rostrum hypercalcified and hard, detected by pinching the snout (vs. rostrum not hypercalcified, soft); no enlarged pores alongside mouth corners (vs. pores enlarged).

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