Lutjanus decussatus

Chequered snapper LJD
Characteristic features:

Pale with dark brownish bars and stripes; a large black spot on caudal-fin base.


Up to 30 cm TL.


East Indian and West Pacific in tropical waters.


Coral reefs, from 5 to 35 m depth.


Feeds on small fishes and crustaceans. Chequered snapper are usually solitary but occasionally form schools. Size and age of maturity is estimated at 18.5 cm and 4 years respectively (DeGraaf, 1977 in Martinez-Andrade, 2003).1 In waters off Okinawa, lunar-synchronised spawning has been observed to occur between June and October, within the last quarter moon of each month2. Maximum age estimates is 16 years1.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly with handlines, traps, and gill nets.

Similar species:

A distinct species due to its unique chequerboard colouration. Not likely to be confused with other Lutjanus species.

External links:
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