Tiger shark
Characteristic features:

There is 1 species in the Galeocerdidae genera, Galeocerdo cuvier which can be defined from the 'Similar families' section below.

Similar families:

Mackerel sharks


Lamnidae differ in having caudal fin lunate and near symmetrical, upper and lower lobes of similar length (vs. strongly asymmetrical, the upper lobe longer than the lower) and no nictitating lower eyelids (vs. well-developed nictitating lower eyelids).

Whaler sharks

Carcharhinidae feature image

Carcharhinidae differ in having body colouration usually plain, sometimes with a pale or white stripe along sides (vs. sides usually with dark, wavy, broken vertical bars, absent in large adults); labial furrows around mouth short or absent (vs. very long and prominent); keels on caudal peduncle weak in Prionace glauca or absent (vs. prominent) and no spiracle present (vs. spiracle present).