Mobula kuhlii

Lesser devilray
Characteristic features:

Dorsal surface blackish to greyish brown, ventral surface mostly white.


Attains at least 120 cm DW; born at about 31 cm.


Found throughout the Indo–West Pacific, but range not well documented.


An uncommon inshore pelagic species.


Feeds on swarms of mysid shrimp and larval fish, and possibly other planktonic organisms. Males mature at ~115 cm DW. Viviparous, with histotrophy; probably giving birth to only a single pup.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught rarely in the tuna gillnet fisheries. Utilised for its gill filter plates (high value), meat, cartilage and skin.

Similar species:

Mobula eregoodoo
Longhorned pygmy devil ray

Mobula eregoodoo


Mobula eregoodoo differs in having a distinctive dark blotch midway along the anterior margin on the ventral surface of the pectoral fin (vs. no dark blotch present here).

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