Monotaxis heterodon

Redfin bream
Characteristic features:

Greyish to orangy, lips red, fins reddish, no black spots at base of soft dorsal fin.


Up to 35 cm TL.

Important conditions and life stages:

Juveniles with 4 narrow pale bars on sides.


Indo–West Pacific.


Coral reefs, from 3 to 25 m depth.

Similar species:

Monotaxis grandoculis
Bigeye bream

Monotaxis grandoculis

Monotaxis grandoculis differs in having yellow lips (vs. red); black spots usually at base of soft dorsal fin (vs. no black spots) and 13½ scale rows below lateral line to anal-fin origin (vs. 12½). Juveniles have broad pale bars on sides (vs. narrow pale bars).

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