Cephalopholis boenak

Chocolate grouper CVK
Characteristic features:

Brownish with 7 or 8 darker bars, head without spots or blue oceli, dark opercular spot, some fins white edged.


Up to 26 cm TL.


Indo–West Pacific in tropical waters.


Mainly shallow dead and silty reefs, from 1 to 30 m depth.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught with hook-and-line, gill net, traps, and in trawls.

Similar species:

Cephalopholis microprion
Freckled grouper

Cephalopholis microprion

Cephalopholis microprion differs in having a head and anterior body with dark-edged blue spots (vs. no spots); no dark opercular spot (vs. dark opercular spot present) and sometimes with pale bars on posterior body (vs. 7 or 8 darker bars on body).

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