Nealotus tripes

Black snake mackerel
Characteristic features:

Body blackish-brown; dorsal and anal fins pale brown.


Up to 25 cm TL.


Circumglobal in offshore, tropical and subtropical waters.


Epi- to mesopelagic, oceanic, from the surface to about 600 m depth.


Feeds on small fish such as myctophids, squids and crustaceans.

Indonesian fisheries:

Probably deep hook and line.

Similar species:

Rexea spp.

Rexea bengalensis
Rexea bengalensis

Rexea spp. differ in having a double lateral line (vs. single).

Promethichthys prometheus
Singleline Gemfish

Promethichthys prometheus

Promethichthys prometheus differs in having lateral line curved abruptly downward anteriorly (vs. lateral line almost straight); no free anal-fin spines (vs. 2 free anal-fin spines behind anus, the first large and dagger-shaped) and 17–18 dorsal-fin spines (vs. 20–21).

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