Mobula thurstoni

Bentfin devilray
Characteristic features:

Dorsal surface dark bluish back  to black with purplish hues. Dorsal fin with distinct white tip, becoming faint in adults. Ventral surface mostly white, pectoral fin tips silver, a blackish margin along anterior disc becoming broad and distinctive at curved area of pectoral fin.


Up to 189 cm DW; born at 6585 cm DW.


Probably circumglobal in tropical and subtropical waters.


Pelagic, mainly coastal, in waters less than 100 m deep.


Feeds primarily on euphausid and mysid shrimp. Females are mature by 154 cm DW, and males by 150–154 cm DW. Gestation period estimated to be 12 months.

Similar species:

Mobula mobular
Japanese devilray, giant devilray

Mobula japanica


Mobula mobular differs in having a straight anterior pectoral fin margin (vs. anterior pectoral fin margin concaved); spiracles slit like (vs. circular) and spiracles located on dorsal surface of head (vs. located below pectoral fin origins).

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