Gymnocranius euanus

Japanese large-eye bream GMQ
Characteristic features:

Silvery-white to grey; scales on back and sides with small spot at base; blue spots sometimes on snout and cheek; some random black scales on anterior half of body; fins mostly clear to reddish.


Up to 45 cm TL.


West Pacific in tropical waters.


Sand and rubble bottoms near coral reefs, from 15 to 50 m depth.


Feeds primarily on bottom dwelling gastopod molluscs.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly with bottom longlines and handlines.

Similar species:

Gymnocranius spp.

Gymnocranius frenatus
Gymnocranius frenatus

Gymnocranius species differ in having molars absent on sides of jaws, teeth usually villiform to conical (vs. molars presnt) and 5½ scale rows between lateral line and base of middle dorsal-fin spines (vs. 4½).

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