Abalistes stellatus

Starry trigger AJS
Characteristic features:

Greyish to greenish-brown becoming paler below, 4 large white blotches along back, pale yellowish-brown spots on body.


Up to 50 cm TL.


West Central Pacific


Coastal sand, sponge and weedy bottoms, from 4 to120 m depth.

Similar species:

Abalistes filamentosus
Hairfin triggerfish

Abalistes filamentosus

Abalistes filamentosus differs in having a caudal fin with upper and lower lobes often filamentous (vs. caudal fin without filamentous lobes); 3 or 4 longitudinal grooves on cheek (vs. grooves absent) and no spots on body (vs. small yellow spots above and larger yellow spots below).