Trachinotus africanus

Southern Pompano TCI
Characteristic features:

Blue-grey dorsally silvery below; anal and caudal fins yellowish.


Up to 92 cm TL.


Indian Ocean in tropical waters.


Shallow coastal waters with patches of reef and rocky outcrops, from 20 to 50 m depth.


Feed on mollusks and crabs. Adults are usually found singularly or in pairs, although shoals of up to 100 can occur during breeding season.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught by seines, traps, gill nets and handlines.

Similar species:

Trachinotus blochii
Snubnose dart

Trachinotus blochii

Trachinotus blochii differs in having soft dorsal-fin rays 18–20 (vs. 21–23) and anal-fin rays 16–18 (vs. 1921) and no dark blotch at pectoral-fin base (vs. often with a black, oval shaped blotch).

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