Alepes vari

Herring scad LSV
Characteristic features:

Greyish blue above silvery white below; second dorsal, anal and caudal fins dusky.


Up to 65 cm TL.


Indo–West Pacific in tropical waters.


Shallow coastal waters, from the surface to 50 m depth.


Feeds primarily on crustaceans such as shrimps, copepods and crabs, but also small fishes.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught primarily by hook-and-line.

Similar species:

Alepes djedaba
Shrimp scad

Alepes djedaba

Alepes djedaba differs in having gill rakers on the upper limb of first gill arch 10–14 (vs. 9–12) and 27–33 on lower limb (vs. 23–26), 38–47 total (vs. 3238) and last dorsal-fin ray 1.3–1.5 times in length of second last fin ray (vs. last dorsal-fin ray equal in length to second last fin ray).

Alepes kleinii
Banded scad

Alepes kleinii

Alepes kleinii differs in having the upper jaw with 2 rows of teeth and lower jaw with a single row of teeth (vs. both jaws with a single row of teeth).

Alepes melanoptera
Blackfin scad

Alepes melanoptera

Alepes melanoptera differs in having the membranes of spinous dorsal fin black (vs. pale to dark dusky); total gill rakers on first gill arch 2430 (vs. 38–47).

Atule mate
Yellowtail scad

Atule mate

Atule mate differs in having a fleshy adipose eyelid completely covering eye except for a vertical slit centred on pupil (vs. fleshy adipose eyelid well developed posteriorly only, with most of the anterior part of eye exposed).

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