Pomadasys andamanensis

Andaman grunt
Characteristic features:

Body silvery with 4 distinct blackish stripes, lower stripe extending from eye through mid-level of body, anterior soft portion of anal fin blackish.


Up to 18 cm TL.


East Indian in tropical waters.


Clost to reefs.

Similar species:

Pomadasys furcatus
Banded Grunt

Pomadasys furcatus

Pomadasys furcatus differs in having 6 horizontal stripes on sides (vs. 4).

Pomadasys trifasciatus
Blackear javelin

Pomadasys trifasciatus

Pomadasys trifasciatus differs in having 3 oblique dark stripes on sides (vs. 4 horizontal dark stripes on sides) and anal fin plain (vs. anterior soft portion of anal fin blackish).

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