Seriolina nigrofasciata

Blackbanded amberjack RNJ
Characteristic features:

Head and body blue-grey to black grading to white to dusky below; juveniles with 5 to 7 variable dark oblique bands and mottled blotches over body, fading to dark oblique bands on upper part of body in adults; spinous dorsal fin black


Up to 70 cm TL.


Indo-West Pacific in tropical waters.


Offshore reefs and on the continental shelf over rocky bottoms, from 20 to 150 m depth. Juveniles associated with with floating seaweed or marine debris.


Adults feed primarily on demersal fishes, cephalopods and shrimps. A non-schooling species that is usually solitary.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught by seines, traps, gill nets and hook-and-line.

Similar species:

Seriola spp.

Seriola rivoliana
Seriola rivoliana

Seriola spp. differs in having the upper jaw truncate posteriorly (vs. broadly rounded posteriorly); upper jaw terminating below anterior margin of eye to middle of eye (vs. below posterior margin of eye); (vs. mostly consisting of rudiments, 410 total elements).

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