Diagramma pictum

Painted sweetlips DGP
Characteristic features:

Adults blue–grey with many small brownish orange spots, dorsal and caudal fins with darker spots. Juveniles black with 2 whitish stripes.


Up to 90 cm TL.

Important conditions and life stages:

Juveniles black with 2 whitish stripes.


Indo-West Pacific


Reefs and sandy areas, from 5 to 40 m depth.

Similar species:

Diagramma melanacrum
Blacktip sweetlips


Diagramma melanacrum differs in having upper caudal-fin lobe yellow with black spots and lower caudal-fin lobe black (vs. caudal fin grey, sometimes with black spots) and pelvic fins reaching to or beyond anus (vs. pelvic fins not reaching anus).

Plectorhinchus albovittatus
Giant sweetlips


Plectorhinchus albovittatus differs in having 12 or 13 dorsal-fin spines (vs. 10 or 11) and body of adults grey to greyish brown with whitish speckling (vs. head and body grey, sometimes with yellow to golden orange spots on head and dark spots on soft dorsal fin and caudal fin).

Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus
Yellowspotted sweetlips

Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus

 Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus differs in having 12 or 13 dorsal fin spines (vs. 10 or 11).

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