Trachinotus botla

Largespotted dart TCO
Characteristic features:

Blue-black dorsally, silvery below; 3 or 6 large black spots on sides; pectoral and pelvic fins pale, other fins dark to dusky.


Up to 75 cm TL.


Indian Ocean in tropical waters.


Shallow coastal waters in surf zones of sandy beaches.


Feed on mollusks, crabs and worms. Adults are usually found in small aggregations.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught by seines, gill nets and hook-and-line.

Similar species:

Trachinotus baillonii
Smallspotted dart

Trachinotus baillonii

Trachinotus baillonii differs in having 1–6 small black spots on sides (vs. 3–6 large black spots on sides) and 21–25 dorsal-fin soft rays (vs. 19–21 dorsal-fin soft rays).

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