Plectorhinchus unicolor

Sombre Sweetlips PKF
Characteristic features:

Head and body olive-brown, tan, or grey-brown; posterior margin of opercular membrane dusky, with underlying cleithrum red; caudal fin dull yellow or greenish-brown in adults, yellow in juveniles.


Up to 65 cm TL.

Important conditions and life stages:

Juveniles with bright yellow caudal fin.


Indo–West Pacific in tropical waters.


Close to reefs and headlands, from 1 to 10 m depth.


Usually found in small groups or solitary.

Taxonomic notes:

Plectorhinchus unicolor has previously been confused with Plectorhinchus schotaf which is restricted to southeast Africa to the Arabian Sea, including the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Similar species:

Plectorhinchus gibbosus
Humpback sweetlips

Plectorhinchus gibbosus

Plectorhinchus gibbosus differs in having opercular margin dark grey to brownish (vs. bright reddish); inside of mouth dark grey to brownish (vs. reddish); soft dorsal-fin base shorter than head (vs. soft dorsal-fin base as long or longer than head) and 15–17 soft rays (vs. 18–21).