Mobula eregoodoo

Longhorned pygmy devil ray
Characteristic features:

Dorsal surface blackish to dark brown, fading after death; sides of head and ventral surface mostly white, a distinctive black blotch present on the ventral side, midway of the leading edge of pectoral fins.


Up to 130 cm DW, born at about 43 cm DW.


Indo-West pacific in tropical and subtropical waters.


Found offshore and in shallow coastal waters.


Feed primarily on schooling baitfish. Males are mature at 95 cm DW and feamles by 280 cm DW. Gestation lasts at least 10–12 months.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught as bycatch of the gillnet fisheries targeting skipjack tuna. Utilised for its gill filter plates (very high value), meat, cartilage and skin.

Similar species:

Mobula kuhlii
Lesser devilray

Mobula kuhlii

Mobula kuhlii differs in having no dark blotch present midway along the anterior margin on the ventral surface of the pectoral fin (vs. a distinctive dark blotch present).

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