Coryphaena hippurus

Common dolphinfish DOL
Characteristic features:

Bright blue-green above, sides silvery with a golden sheen scattered with numerous black spots; dorsal and anal fin dark.


Up to 200 cm TL.


Circumglobal, in tropical and subtropical waters.


Epipelagic, often under floating objects, from the surface to 85 m depth.


Feeds primarily on a wide range of fishes, but also crustaceans and squid.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught by trolling and longlines, and occasionally by driftnets.

Similar species:

Coryphaena equiselis
Pompano dolphinfish

Coryphaena equiselis

Coryphaena equiselis differ in having greatest body depth more than 25% of standard length (vs. greatest body depth less than 25% of standard length) for adults only; tooth patch on tongue broad and squareish in shape (vs. small and oval) and dorsal-fin rays 52–59 (vs. 58–66).

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