Plectorhinchus lineatus

Lined sweetlips IEY
Characteristic features:

Pale greyish with oblique to horizontal dark brown stripes; base of pectoral fin bright red; lips and fins bright yellow and posterior fins spotted. Juveniles with horizontal stripes.


Up to 50 cm TL.

Important conditions and life stages:

Juveniles with horizontal stripes, becoming more oblique with age.


Indo–West Pacific in tropical waters.


Close to reefs, to 35 m depth.


Found in solitary or small groups.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught with handlines.

Similar species:

Plectorhinchus lessonii
Striped sweetlips

Plectorhinchus lessonii

Plectorhinchus lessonii differs in having a black blotch on pectoral-fin base (vs. red blotch).

Plectorhinchus polytaenia
Ribbon sweetlips

Plectorhinchus polytaenia

Plectorhinchus polytaenia differs in having all fins bright yellow (vs. dorsal, caudal and anal fins yellow with black spots) and pectoral- fin base without red blotch (vs. red blotch present).

Plectorhinchus vittatus
Oriental sweetlips

Plectorhinchus vittatus

Plectorhinchus vittatus differs in having upper stripes horizontal on body across nape, interorbital, and snout in adults (vs. upper stripes horizontal on body but bending downward and converging on snout).

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