Lutjanus rufolineatus

Goldenlined snapper LUF
Characteristic features:

Pale pinkish with 10–12 yellow stripes on sides, sometimes with a black spot on lateral line below dorsal-fin soft rays; fins yellow.


Up to 28 cm TL.


West Central Pacific in tropical waters.


Coral reefs, from 10 to at least 50 m depth.


Feeds primarily on fishes, crustaceans, cephalopods and some planktivorous items. Goldenlined snapper form large aggregations of several hundred individuals. Estimations regarding size or age at maturity is unknown. Maximum age is unknown.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly with handlines and bottom longlines.

Similar species:

Lutjanus carponotatus
Spanish flag

Lutjanus carponotatus

Lutjanus carponotatus differs in having a preopercular notch poorly developed (vs. well developed); vomerine tooth patch with posterior medial extension (vs. without posterior medial extension); 8 or 9 yellow to golden stripes on sides (vs. 10–12 faint yellow stripes on sides); axil of pectoral fins with black spot (vs. axil of pectoral fin brown dorsally) and no black spot below dorsal-fin soft rays (vs. a black spot eye-sized or smaller sometimes present).

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