Lutjanus fulvus

Blacktail snapper LJV
Characteristic features:

Anal and paired fins bright yellow.


Up to 40 cm TL.


Indo-West and Central Pacific in tropical waters.


Coral reefs, preferring sheltered areas, from the surface to at least 75 m depth.


Feeds nocturnally on fishes, crustaceans, cephalopods and holothurians. Blacktail snapper are solitary or are found in loose aggregations. Ontogenetic migrations occur, with juveniles inhabiting mangrove and estuarine areas tolerating brackish waters, then moving out to coral reefs with increasing age.1 In waters of Japan size and age of first maturity was estimated at 22.5 cm and 4 years for females, and 20.7 cm and 3 years for males.2  In waters of Papua New Guinea, length where 50% of individuals become mature was estimated at 18.8 cm FL and 13.5 cm FL for females and males, respectively.3 In waters of Japan, spawning has been observed to occur from April to October, peaking in June to September and occurs around the full moon and last quarter moon.2 Maximum age recorded in Japanese waters was 34, making Lutjanus fulvus the oldest recorded small (< 50 cm TL) Lutjanus species.2

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught with handlines, traps and gill nets.

Similar species:

Lutjanus lunulatus
Lunartail snapper

Lutjanus lunulatus

Lutjanus lunulatus differs in having a preopercular notch poorly developed (vs. well developed); no demarcation around eye (vs. broad yellow rim around posterior of eye) and a crescentic black marking on caudal fin (vs. caudal fin black with narrow white marking).

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