Cephalopholis miniata

Red coral grouper CFI
Characteristic features:

Orange to reddish with medium-sized blue–grey spots and streaks, outer pectoral fins yellowish orange, caudal tip bluish.


Up to 50 cm TL.


Indo-West Pacific in tropical waters.


Coral reefs in clear water, from 2 to at least 150 m depth.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught with hook-and-line, gill nets, spear, and in traps.

Similar species:

Cephalopholis argus
Peacock grouper

Cephalopholis argus

Cephalopholis argus differs in having dark brown body colour, sometimes with 5–6 pale bars on rear portion of body only and a large pale area over chest (vs. a dark red to orange body colour, sometimes displaying 5 pale bars along entire body) and blue spots with black edge (vs. pale blue-grey spots without black edge).

Cephalopholis cyanostigma
Bluespotted grouper

Cephalopholis cyanostigma

Cephalopholis cyanostigma differs in having body colour brown, to brownish red (vs. red) and colour becoming blotchy after death (vs. retains colour well after death).

Cephalopholis sexmaculata
Saddle grouper

Cephalopholis sexmaculata

Cephalopholis sexmaculata differs in having 6 black/brown saddles along back and caudal peduncle (vs. no black/brown saddles present) and head with elongated blue spots and lines (vs. spots only).

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