Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides

Harlequin sweetlips
Characteristic features:

Pale grey with large dark-brown spots, lower sides often with several large unspotted areas becoming spotted in large adults.


Up to 50 cm TL.

Important conditions and life stages:

Juveniles are black above and abruptly white ventrally with 3 whit saddles on head and body, caudal fin rounded.


Indo-West Pacific in tropical waters.


Close to reefs, to 30 m depth.


A solitary species, often hiding under caves and ledges.

Similar species:

Juveniles are distinct, easily identified by being brown with large white spots on head and body.

Plectorhinchus pica
Painted sweetlip

Plectorhinchus pica

Adult Plectorhinchus pica differ in having pelvic fins dusky with basal red brown blotch or streaks (vs. spotted, darkening with age and red absent) and spots smaller than pupil (vs. larger, subequal to pupil in size).

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