Grammatorcynus bilineatus

Double-lined mackerel DBM
Characteristic features:

Blue–green above and silvery white below.


Up to 65 cm TL, and up to 3.5 kg in weight.1


Found in tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific.


Pelagic, found in open waters and also associated with reefs, inhabiting both coral reefs, outer reef walls. Found at depths below 15 m.


Feeds on fishes such as clupeids, Sphyraena and Balistes, and also crustaceans. Forms large schools. In waters off Fiji, length at first maturity is estimated at 40–43 cm FL.2 The spawning season extends from October to March.3

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly by pole-and-line fishing and by trolling.

Similar species:

Gymnosarda unicolor
Dogtooth tuna

Gymnosarda unicolor

Gymnosarda unicolor differs in having a single, undulating lateral line (vs. 2 lateral lines); 2 patches of teeth on the tongue (vs. single rectangular patch); interpelvic process large and single (vs. small and single) and a body mostly scaleless behind a corselet of enlarged scales (vs. covered in moderately small scales).

Scomberomorus spp.

Scomberomorus commerson
Scomberomorus commerson

Scomberomorus spp. differ in having a single, undulating lateral line (vs. 2 lateral lines) and markings in the form of dark vertical bars or spots (vs. no markings).

Thunnus spp.
True tunas

Thunnus alalunga
Thunnus alalunga

Thunnus spp. differ in having lateral line single and undulating (vs. 2 lateral lines) and body covered in small scales behind a corselet of enlarged thickened scales (vs. a body covered in moderately small scales).

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