Lethrinus laticaudis

Grass emperor LTI
Characteristic features:

Body brown to yellow with irregular dark blotches; scales on upper anterior with dinstinct black markings in center; blue dots on cheeks and blue stripes radiating from eye; sometimes blue cross stripes between eyes; fins pale or yellow, dorsal and anal fins mottled.


Up to 56 cm TL.


East Indian & West Pacific in tropical waters.


Adults found over coral reefs, from 5 to 35 m depth.


Feeds primarily on crustaceans and fishes.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly with handlines.

Similar species:

Lethrinus nebulosus
Spangled emperor

Lethrinus nebulosus

Lethrinus nebulosus and L. laticaudis both have blue lines surrounding the eye but L. nebulosus differs in having 3 long blue lines extending from eye to mouth (vs. short blue lines radiating from eye) and by having melanophores covering most pelvic-fin membranes, including the inner most rays (vs. melanophores absent from large portions of membranes between inner rays).

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