Lutjanus xanthopinnis

Yellowfin snapper
Characteristic features:

Reddish pink to silvery grey on upper sides grading to white below. A series of narrow yellow stripes along sides, positioned obliquely above lateral line, and horizontally below the lateral line; mid-lateral stripe slightly wider than others. Pelvic fins whitish, all other fins vivid yellow.


Up to 20 cm TL.


Indo-West Pacific in subtropical waters.


Found on coral reefs.


A rarely caught species, infrequently seen in fish markets. Little is know about its biology or ecology.

Indonesian fisheries:


Similar species:

Previously thought to be Lutjanus madras (Indian snapper) which is restricted to the Indian Ocean.1

Lutjanus ehrenbergii
Ehrenberg's snapper

Lutjanus ehrenbergii

Lutjanus ehrenbergii differs in having narrow yellow stripes below lateral line only (vs. yellow/brown stripes above and below lateral line) and frequently a black spot below dorsal-fin soft rays (vs. no black spot).

Lutjanus lutjanus
Bigeye snapper

Lutjanus lutjanus

Lutjanus lutjanus differs in having a scaled preopercular flange (vs. scaleless); thin yellow stripes, central stripe twice as wide as others (vs. thin yellow stripes, central stripes broader).

Lutjanus mizenkoi
Mizenko's snapper

Lutjanus mizenkoi

Lutjanus mizenkoi differs in having a scaleless preopercular flange (vs. scaled).

Lutjanus rufolineatus
Goldenlined snapper

Lutjanus rufolineatus

Lutjanus rufolineatus differs in having vomerine tooth patch without posterior medial extension (vs. with posterior medial extension); longitudinal scale rows above lateral line obliquely positioned (vs. mostly horizontal) and brown dorsally on axil of pectoral fin (vs. no demarcation).

Lutjanus vitta
Brownstripe snapper

Lutjanus vitta

Lutjanus vitta differs in having thin stripes plus broad midlateral dark stripe (vs. thin yellow stripes with broader midlateral yellow stripe).

External links:
  1. Iwatsuki Y, Tanaka F, Allen GR. Lutjanus xanthopinnis, a new species of snapper (Pisces: Lutjanidae) from the Indo-west Pacific, with a redescription of Lutjanus madras (Valenciennes 1831). Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation [Internet]. 2015;17:22–42. Available from: