Pinjalo pinjalo

Pinjalo snapper PJP
Characteristic features:

Upper sides pinkish yellow to lavender shading to pinkish or white below, fins with yellow pigment.


Up to 70 cm TL.


Indo-west Pacific in tropical waters.


Coral and rocky reef from 15 to 200 m deep.


Feeds on benthic and planktonic invertebrates and small fishes. Often forms same species schools. Little is known about its biology or ecology.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly with handlines, traps, and bottom trawls.

Similar species:

Pinjalo lewisi
Slender pinjalo

Pinjalo lewisi

Pinjalo lewisi differs in having a dorsal fin with 12 spines and 13 soft rays (vs. 11 spines and 14 or 15 soft rays); caudal fin emarginate (vs. slightly emarginate); dark lines absent (vs. diagonal dark lines on the nape and body) and fins with red pigment (vs. yellow).

Lutjanus erythropterus
Crimson snapper

Lutjanus erythropterus

Lutjanus erythropterus differs in having the upper and lower profiles of head not equally rounded (vs. equally rounded); fang-like canines at anterior of jaw present but sometimes indistinct (vs. absent).

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