Gymnocranius elongatus

Forktail large-eye bream
Characteristic features:

Silvery with 8 dark bars on sides; 4th dark bar running form 6th dorsal-fin spine to anal-fin origin; no blue markings on cheek; fins clear to yellowish-orange, caudal fin margin and tips often deep red.


Up to 35 cm TL.


East Indian & West Pacific, in tropical waters.


Sand and rubble bottoms, from 50 to 100 m depth.


Feeds primarily on benthic invertebrates.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mostly with bottom trawls.

Similar species:

Gymnocranius spp.

Gymnocranius frenatus
Gymnocranius frenatus

Gymnocranius species differ in having a moderately forked caudal fin, the median rays equal to or longer than eye diameter [equal to or slightly shorter in G. obesus] (vs. deeply forked caudal fin, the median rays shorter than eye diameter) and lower edge of eye above line from snout tip to middle of caudal-fin fork (vs. lower edge of eye level with snout tip and middle of caudal-fin fork).

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