Characteristic features:

Key adapted from Collette, 19991

Coryphaenidae species
    1. Greatest body depth in adults less than 25% of standard length (Fig. 1a); tooth patch on tongue small and oval; dorsal-fin rays 58 to 66 Coryphaena hippurus
    2. Greatest body depth in adults more than 25% of standard length (Fig. 1b); tooth patch on tongue broad and trapezoidal; dorsal-fin rays 52 to 59 Coryphaena equiselis
Coryphaena equiselis Pompano dolphinfish
Coryphaena hippurus Common dolphinfish
  1. Collette. Coryphaenidae in: Carpenter, K, Niem, V. FAO species identification guide for fishery purposes. The living marine resources of the Western Central Pacific. Volume 4. Bony fishes part 2 (Mugilidae to Carangidae). Rome; 1999; Volume 4; 2069-2790.