Uraspis secunda

Cottonmouth trevally USE
Characteristic features:

Body silver; roof and floor of mouth white, rest of mouth black, fins dusky.


Up to 58 cm TL.


Circumglobal in tropical and subtropical waters.


Oceanic and pelagic near the bottom, from 50 to 300 m depth.


Found in solitary or in small schools. Little else is known regarding the biology and ecology of this species.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught by trawls, purse seines, longlines and on hook-and-line.

Similar species:

Uraspis uraspis
Whitemouth trevally

Uraspis uraspis

Uraspis uraspis differs in having a naked breast area extending uninterrupted to naked pectoral-fin base (vs. a non-scaled breast area extending to pectoral-fin base).

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