Caranx tille

Tille trevally NXT
Characteristic features:

Head and body olive-green to blue-grey grading to silvery below; large black spot above opercle; 2nd dorsal-fin lobe blackish without white tip, anal and caudal fins yellow-olive to blackish.


To 70 cm TL.


Indo–West Pacific in tropical waters.


A coastal species found inshore and associated with coral and rocky reefs, found from 30 to 120 m depth. Juveniles found in estuary areas.


Feeds primarily on fishes, squids and crustaceans. Forms large schools during the day time but is solitary at night when feeding.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly by hook-and-line; also with gill nets and purse seines.

Similar species:

Caranx sexfasciatus
Bigeye trevally

Caranx sexfasciatus

Caranx sexfasciatus differs in having the second dorsal-fin lobe with white tip in adults (vs. without); head profile moderately convex (vs. strongly convex) and opercular spot usually small in adults, considerably smaller than pupil (vs. large, similar in size to pupil).

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