Trachinotus baillonii

Smallspotted dart TBA
Characteristic features:

Silvery-blue to grey dorsally, silvery white below; 1–6 small black spots on sides; pelvic fins yellowish; other fins dusky to black.


Up to 54 cm TL.


Indo–West Pacific in tropical waters.


Shallow coastal waters usually in surf zones of sandy beaches and seaward reefs from 20 to 50 m depth.


Feed primarily on crustaceans and worms. Adults are usually found in small aggregations.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught by traps, gill nets and handlines.

Similar species:

Trachinotus botla
Largespotted dart

Trachinotus botla

Trachinotus botla differs in having 3–6 large black spots on sides (vs. 1–6 small black spots on sides) and 19–21 dorsal-fin soft rays (vs. 21–25 dorsal-fin soft rays).

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