Flavocaranx bajad

Orangespotted trevally NGJ
Characteristic features:

Body silvery with yellow tinge above; many orange-yellow spots over body; no black blotch on operculum.


Up to 55 cm TL.


Indo-West Pacific in tropical waters.


Coral reefs and lagoons, from the surface to 50 m depth. Juveniles may occur in estuaries.


Feeds primarily on crustaceans and small fishes. Adults occur in schools swimming along reef edges; juveniles are solitary.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly by hook-and-line and with gillnets.

Similar species:

Craterognathus plagiotaenia
Barcheek trevally

Carangoides plagiotaenia

Craterognathus plagiotaenia differs in having posterior margin of preopercle black (vs. posterior margin of preopercle not black); body without spots (vs. numerous orange-yellow spots on body); scutes 11–18 (vs. 20–30) and soft anal fin rays 18–20 (vs. 21–24).

Carangoides praeustus
Brownback trevally

Carangoides praeustus

Carangoides praeustus differs in having a black second dorsal-fin lobe with white tip (vs. without black markings); body without spots (vs. numerous orange-yellow spots on body) and a vomerine tooth patch without posterior medial extension (vs. with posterior medial extension).

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