Scyris indica

Indian threadfin LTD
Characteristic features:

Mostly silver with a dusky green tinge on upper portion of body. Second dorsal fin pale, with anterior edges and ray tips dusky; anal fin pale yellow and caudal fin dusky green. Juveniles with dark bars on body and anterior soft rays of dorsal and anal fins extremely long and filamentous.


Up to 150 cm TL.


Indo–West Pacific in tropical waters.


Coastal waters, from the surface to 100 m depth.


Feeds on crustaceans, small squid and fishes. Adults often form large schools in coastal waters and sometimes concentrate in reef areas, juveniles are solitary and frequently enter estuaries. No information on maturity is available. Maximum age is unknown.

Indonesian fisheries:

Adults are caught by hook-and-line and juveniles are caught by beach seining.

Similar species:

Alectis ciliaris
Threadfin trevally

Alectis ciliaris

Alectis ciliaris differs in having profile of nape and head broadly rounded (vs. somewhat angular); distance between eye and rear maxilla 1.7–3 times in upper jaw length (vs. 0.8–1 times in upper jaw length) and gill rakers (excluding rudiments) on upper limb of first gill arch 12–17 (vs. 21–26).

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