Turrum fulvoguttatum

Yellowspotted trevally NGU
Characteristic features:

Silvery green-blue above, paler below; many small yellow-orange spots on sides mostly above mid-line. Large individuals often with 3 black blotches on sides Dorsal- and anal-fin tips dark blue to dusky; pelvic fins whitish; caudal fin yellow-green, trailing edge dark.


Up to 103 cm TL.


Indo-West Pacific in tropical waters.


Rocky and coral reefs, from the surface to 100 m depth.


Feeds primarily on small crustaceans and small fishes. Occur in small or large groups but sometimes singularly.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly by gill nets and traps.

Similar species:

Ferdauia ferdau
Blue trevally

Carangoides ferdau

Ferdauia ferdau differs in having the scaleless breast area short ventrally, not extending beyond pelvic-fin origin (vs. long ventrally, extending well beyond pelvic-fin origin).

Turrum gymnostethus
Bludger trevally

Carangoides gymnostethus

Turrum gymnostethus differs in having eye position low, lower eye margin level with premaxilla in adults (vs. eye position high, lower eye margin distinctly above premaxilla in adults); few brown/golden spots sometimes present on sides (vs. many golden or brassy spots above midline); head profile gently convex (vs. angular) and total gill rakers (including rudiments) on first gill arch 27–31 (vs. 22–27).

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