Turrum gymnostethus

Bludger trevally NGY
Characteristic features:

Olive-green above, silvery white below; a few brown or golden spots present along mid-line; opercular spot dusky. Dorsal, anal and caudal fins pale olive-green; paired fins pale green.


Up to 90 cm TL.


Indo-West Pacific in tropical waters.


Associated with deeper reefs, from the surface to 100 m depth.


Feeds primarily on small crustaceans and fishes. Adults are generally solitary while juveniles form small groups.

Indonesian fisheries:

Caught mainly by hook-and-line, gill nets and traps.

Similar species:

Ferdauia ferdau
Blue trevally

Carangoides ferdau

Ferdauia ferdau differs in having the scaleless breast area separated from scaleless pectoral-fin base by a broad band of scales (vs. scaleless breast area uninterrupted to scaleless pectoral-fin base) and 5 or 6 distinct dusky bands on sides of adults with small, numerous yellow and orange spots on sides, mostly above lateral line (vs. few brown or golden spots sometimes present midlaterally).

Turrum fulvoguttatum
Yellowspotted trevally

Carangoides fulvoguttatus

Turrum fulvoguttatum differs in having an eye position high, lower eye margin distinctly above premaxilla in adults (vs. eye position low, lower eye margin level with premaxilla in adults); many golden or brassy spots above midline (vs. few brown/golden spots sometimes present on sides); head profile angular (vs. gently convex) and total gill rakers (including rudiments) on first gill arch 22–27 (vs. 27–31).

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